About Us

       American fashion designer  Niveen Carrero is the creative mind behind Adicora Swimwear. This Latina-influenced designer opened her eyes to the world in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while her father finished Medical school at the University of Pittsburgh. Her family moved to Caracas Venezuela when Niveen was two years old, where she reunited with her mother’s side of the family. She grew up around Venezuela’s tropical towns and it was there that she further explored the various elements of design that now influence her creations. As a girl she was captivated by artistic expressions such as singing, painting and designing clothes.
In 2004, Niveen packed her bags for Seattle to launch her career as a fashion designer. That same year she worked in retail until the opportunity came along to design women shoes for a Seattle-based Brand. Niveen cultivated her talent and knowledge of the industry by traveling overseas to overlook production and consistently attending numerous trade shows in Las Vegas and New York City.
Having spent much of her life on the beaches of Venezuela sketching and being inspired by local styles, it was time to turn her passion to create into a reality. In November 2009 her eponymous label of Americana-Latina-inspired swimwear came to fruition under the name of Adicora, inspired by Niveen’s favorite beach in Venezuela.
Just as this determined woman is, Adicora Swimwear’s designs are one-of-a-kind. The label embodies the highest quality fit, fabric and craftsmanship destined to women who want to feel confident, glamorous and unique.